Abraham’s offering

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Gen 22:1-14 Abraham’s Offering of Isaac

The supreme moment in the spiritual pilgrimage of Abraham, towards which the previous events have been moving (‘after these things’).  Abraham’s response of complete surrender showed the solidity of God’s building; it was now possible for God to reaffirm the promise in the most absolute way, swearing by himself and thus going beyond the guarantee of the promise in Genesis chapter 15.  At the very outset of the salvation history, through the faith and obedience of one man, the whole pattern of redemption is prefigured.  Abraham was a stranger and a pilgrim in the land of Promise.   This is the climax of the preparation of Abraham as the instrument for the creation of Israel as the vehicle of the divine purpose of restoration and redemption.

There is a comparable response of faith by Mary in Luke 1:38, when the angel told her she would bear the hold child, the Son of God.  Mary said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it unto me according to thy word.”  And then, of course, Jesus himself is the very essence of a person who speaks with God and relies completely upon God.

In most cases if not every case throughout the Bible, the person whom God uses must have this quality of faith, trust and reliance upon God.  So it is with us: if we want to know God, to know God’s leading in our life, to be used by God, then we have to believe God, trust God, and rely upon God.

Holy Matrimony is an example of that in our own lives.  At the beginning of the marriage, we come before the altar seeking God’s blessing for this big venture of faith.  On our journey of marriage, day by day, we look to God and rely upon his power, and so we see how God brings about a wonderful flowering of our personality, gifts and calling in relation to our spouse.  It would apply to any other venture of faith–having and raising a child, or a venture of faith in our work and calling.

The challenge to each of us today and this week is to go deeper in our trust and reliance upon God.  In this moment of silent prayer, bring your loved one to God, your work to God, and yourself to God, to place each of them in God’s hands.

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